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Process Safety Management (PSM)

Here we are trying to understand the basic definition of “Process Safety Management (PSM)”, requirement in hazardous industries and its element for better implementation of systems. The various lines of defense included in the design and operation of the process to prevent or reduce the release of hazardous chemicals must be evaluated and strengthened to ensure their effectiveness at all levels. Process safety is proactive and centers on the Safety Integrity of the process.

Definition of Process Safety Management

“Process Safety Management is the proactive identification, evaluation and prevention of chemical releases that could occur as a result of failures in process, procedures, or equipment”-OHSA. Process safety for the most part alludes to the anticipation of unwanted releases of chemicals, energy or other conceivably dangerous materials during process that can seriously affect the plant and nature.

Health Safety Environment (HSE Legal Audit)

HSE management helps you optimize the processes in your construction project and make gains in terms of effectiveness, quality, safety and time. You can make sure that you stick to your construction schedule while also reducing costs. Potential safety flaws and hazardous situations are identified in time and remedied with suitable safety measures. – WO This allows you to avoid work accidents and interruptions to construction. Our HSE management helps you achieve legal conformity with the relevant national and international laws and standards. In addition, it shows your customers, employees and business partners that you take matters of health, environmental protection and safety seriously, and it also improves your image. All these things will give you a valuable competitive edge.

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