Preparation Of Safety Reports

Safety assessment for research reactors and preparation of the safety analysis report : specific safety guide

This publication is a revision of IAEA Safety Series No. 35-G1, and experience acquired from the use of that Safety Guide has been taken into account. The present publication provides guidance on performing safety assessments throughout the lifetime of a research reactor and on the regulatory review of this assessment within the framework of the licensing process. Guidance on preparation of the safety analysis report, including its format and contents, is also provided. Contents:
1. Introduction;
2. Safety assessment in the licensing process;
3. Preparation of the safety analysis report;
4. Information to be submitted for the review and assessment process;

The objective of the safety report

1.To provide a case to the authorities that the establishment can be operated safely.
2.To inform the authorities and the public on the activities and risks of the establishment.
3.To facilitate inspections by the authorities.
4.The Safety Report as a starting point for a Population Protection Plan.
5.The Safety Report as an information source within the establishment.

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