Operational Discipline

Operational Discipline

Operational discipline provides an organized way to accomplish tasks and implement operational changes through a fundamental set of procedures that are specific to a business’s unique products or service offerings. Operational Discipline is built on  knowing what the right thing to do is  being willing to always do the right thing and  ensuring others always do the right thing. Simply put, operational discipline means complying with a set of well-thought-out and well-defined processes, and consistently executing them correctly. Companies with high organizational discipline are more competitive and leaders in their markets. Organizational discipline is performing business processes in a standard, repetitive fashion at a high level. Even when excellent systems are in place, degradation of system use occurs because of turnover and performing work outside the system. Continuous improvement of processes is also a key to organizational discipline.

The Need for All 5 Pillars of Operational Discipline

The nature of the relationships between the 5 Pillars of Operational Discipline make it necessary for organizations to address all of them if they hope to be successful; the pillars cannot be addressed in isolation and no single pillar is more or less important than the others. For your organization to be in a position where everyone “does the right thing, the right way, every time” it takes a dedicated effort to drive the behaviors outlined in all 5 of the pillars.

Each component of the Operational Discipline definition is supported in some way by all five of the pillars. In order to “do the right thing” employees must know what the right thing is, understand why it is the right thing to do, ensure over time that it is still the right thing, be willing to always do the right thing, ensure others are doing the right thing, etc. And the same follows for “do it the right way” and “do it every time.” It takes employees who have the appropriate Level of Knowledge, behave with Integrity, have a Questioning Attitude, act with Formality and demonstrate Forceful Watch Team Backup to achieve Operational Discipline.

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