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Safety at ETP operation & maintenance

Operating and maintaining effluent treatment plant ETP or Sewage treatment plant STP is a challenging job because of various health risks. Plant manager and operators should be physically fit and mentally alert. They also should accept assigned work gladly and complete them independently. While following these responsibilities one should never forget about safety of others or themselves as they are continuously exposed to high noise level and unpleasant odors. In this type of work, physical presence matters, often in unclean environment. As ETP or STP plant needs to be run 24X7 therefore they need to work for 8 hrs in rotating shifts often without weekends or holidays. Sometimes they required to work overtime.

What are Hazards in Operation & Maintenance of ETP?

  • Slips or falls into pits, ponds, tanks or clarifiers causing injury or drowning
  • Falls or slips on slippery floor because of solvents or solutions
  • Hazard due to suffocation or deficiency of oxygen or poisoning
  • Burns because of hot water or solvent or concentrated acidsor bases
  • Electric shock caused by faulty electrical equipment
  • Cuts and pricks due to sharp edges
  • Fire and explosions due to flammable gases release during process
  • Vigorous chemical reactions caused by uncontrolled mixing of chemicals
  • Intoxication or bacterial infection caused by drinking untreated wastewater
  • Smoking, welding in presence of chlorinated solvent vapors

How to ensure safety at ETP Operation & maintenance?

  • Use safety shoes with non-slippery soles
  • Wear protective and chemically resistant clothing to avoid exposure skinto liquids, vapors or gases
  • Do not mix chemicals without supervision of chemist or safety professional
  • Check electrical equipment for safety before use or at least check if all cables are properly insulated
  • Wear goggles all time to avoid exposure of eyes to vapors, dust or chemical splashes

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