Safety Manual

Safety Manual

The final and most difficult part of writing a safety manual is the technical writing of actual procedures under your main safety headings or “elements”. It is “almost” completely unreasonable to attempt to write technical subject matter that will pass review by entities in the above list. Almost nobody actually does this. Rather, most businesses use safety manual “templates” or safety manual “samples” to draw insights from and base each element upon.

Forming The Safety Manual Structure

Now that you have all of the written requirements from each entity you need to satisfy, it’s time to visually scan each set of requirements looking for major “headings” or “topics” which they are asking you to have. One way to do this is to simply make a written list of these major headings on a post-it note or sheet of paper as you see them in the requirements. This way you can simply cross out each element on the list after you have added it to your safety manual document. These headings (also known as safety manual “elements”) will form the main structure of your safety manual and will form the table of contents as well. Some commonly required safety manual “elements” include:

1. Aerial Lifts

2. Bloodborne Pathogens

3. Compressed Air

4. Cold Stress

5. Driving Safety

6. Electrical Safety

7. Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

8. Fall Protection

9. Fire Protection

10. Injury and Illness Reporting

11. Ladder Safety

12. Machine Guarding

13. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

14. Scaffold Safety

15. Silica Dust

16. Walking and Working Surfaces.

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