Power of 'M'

5 Ms in Management

If one team is developing software following a Waterfall approach while a second is using an Agile practice and a third is using Kanban, each method is different.
(Man) People
People untrained in 6 tend to focus on the ‘Man’ portion of the 5 Ms when looking at a process. A manager who is unenlightened is most likely going to focus on Man. Unenlightened managers tend to think of the process performance being influenced more by the person component than by the other five components of the six Ms of machine, material, method, measurement, or mother nature. (Don’t ask whom, ask why.)
It’s difficult to evaluate teams evenly if each team lead rewards their teams for different behaviors.
Software development productivity may be different if developers have slower machines or worse tools to use.
Employees can only build a product as good as the raw materials they get.

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