Behavior Based Safety


  • BBS is a comprehensive approach to enhance and establish a safety culture in the organization
  • The focus of the program is the reduction in Accident / Incidents / Injury -A step ahead to achieve Accident-free Workplace
  • BBS is practiced globally as a Proactive Tool to achieve new heights of Safety Excellence.
  • The Program is driven to register Sustainable and memorable Change in Safety Culture.
With the Behavioral-Based Safety (BBS) process, you can support your organization in using positive reinforcement to change unsafe individual behaviors and reinforce safe behaviors. As each employee ensures the security of himself and his coworkers, a robust workplace safety culture is often achieved. This will not only keep your workers safe, but it can also lead to higher profits and happier employees. BBS helps to extend safety awareness and improve safety practices. First, by observing worker behavior, managers can use workflow design and task analysis to evaluate and identify mechanical, physical, and ergonomic hazards of job duties. Additionally, when workers are held accountable for their own behavior, engagement improves and critical thinking and decision-making skills increase.

How To Implement BBS

  • Set up a Task-Force and train them for BBS training for steering the BBS Implementation Programme
  • For effective planning & rollout of Behavior-based safety, train & develop local people
  • Establish the datum line by conducting a Baseline Survey of the infrastructure, plant & machinery, processes, practices, people behavior, HSEQ Systems & Procedures, Awareness, Monitoring methods, etc.
  • Conduct Awareness Programmes to all personnel working for and on behalf of the organization
  • Make good the infrastructure free from any opportunities for an unsafe act
  • Introduce proactive measures in operational control & HSEQ procedures to regulate operations in a safe manner
  • Focus more on eliminating the causes
  • Prevention of Unsafe Work Conditions
  • Risk-based job planning & execution
  • Identify behavioral issues and provide counseling for correction
  • Focus on the prevention of unsafe conditions at an organization through every action by proper work outlet.
  • Execute and maintain the procedure.

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