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Placement & (EHS) Environment, Health and Safety

To control for safety in certain types of construction and maintenance and other  potentially hazardous work, you need a Permit to Work System that clearly defines safety procedures and retains a comprehensive record for all predictable contingencies. EHS-Solutions delivers a Permit to Work management system easily modified to the client’s project requirements and quickly accessible to job site technicians and maintenance.
  • The system delineates the key procedural employees, functions, and responsibilities per task. Training programs for each identified procedure and focused, interactive training for required authorized personnel gets your team up to speed quickly
  • All necessary forms, designed to be user-friendly, are provided as required to cover procedural requirements, such as Confined Space Entry, Hot work, Cold works, Excavations, and Electrical activities. Tracking of issued permits and guided protocols for maintaining the Permit to Work Log keep your records instantly accessible and job responsive. Digitally recognizable ID badges compliant with the system ensure the presence of required authorized personnel.
  • In addition, the EHS-Solutions Permit to Work system includes Lock Out, Tag Out procedures with Isolation logs in our complete Lock Out, Tag Out Kit.
HS-Solutions works with you to develop comprehensive and cost-effective Health, Safety and Environment project management. As needed, prioritized management policies, plans, and procedures are established on an individual basis, considering available facility resources. We will coordinate closely with your site’s team during project development to accomplish several EHS goals and facilitate project implementation:Comprehensive Environment, Health, and Safety Policy
  • Environmental, Health and Safety Risks Identification
  • Risk Ranking and Assessment of EHS Impacts
  • EHS Risks Procedural Controls Development and Staff Training
  • Documentation and Control System with Software Package
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Continual EHS Standards Improvement

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